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Prince Hans
Background information
Feature films Frozen
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Santino Fontana
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality (formerly) Good-Hearted, Kind, Caring, Gentle, Nice, Loving (later) Mean, Vain, Cruel, Selifsh, Fake-Hero
Appearance Tall, fair skin, green eyes, auburn hair
Occupation Prince of the Southern Isles
Affiliations Bad
Goal Protect Elsa & Anna (formerly), To kill Elsa as a good act for Arrendle and get noticed by the citizens.
Home Southern Isles
Friends Elsa (formerly), Anna (formerly), The Duke of Weselton
Enemies The Duke of Weselton (formerly), Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, The Duke's Thugs
Minions Arrendle's Royal Guards
Likes Notice from people, Anna & Elsa (formerly)
Dislikes Disrespect, treason, His 12 older brothers not noticing him
Powers and abilities
Weapons Sword
Fate Imprisoned and sent back to the Southern Isles to be punished by his 12 brothers
Typical Saying "Elsa, don't be the monster they fear you are!"

Prince Hans of the Southern Isles is one of three main antagonists of Disney's "Frozen". He is the youngest of the thirteen princes from the Southern Isles, and came to Arendelle as a dignitary, wanting to marry Anna, but later he broke her heart so he could marry Elsa, then kill her and bring back summer. Hans starts off as Anna's lover and came only to marry Anna. However, he has hiding something about his power hunger once he thanked Anna for letting him be in charge of Arrendle, but because he loved Anna he told The Duke's Thugs not to kill Elsa. Soon he saw the Duke’s thugs were attacking Elsa and one of them tried to shoot with a bow and arrow onto Elsa, but Hans tried to save her by shooting the bow and arrow onto the crystal lamp instead of doing it onto Elsa. But by mistake, the crystal lamp fell onto Elsa and he had no choice but to bring her to the prison of Arrendle. Hans betrays annaHans just after turning bad while his cruel act against AnnaHe then arrested Elsa in order to save her from the two thugs, and he tried reasoning with her about her winter spell, but she replied that she can't stop winter. Hans had no other choice but to scheme with The Duke Of Weselton, and when the duke gave him the signal by one look he said something is wrong, while he meant he has to pretend to care about Anna. Suddenly, he revealed his new nature, locked Anna in the fire room (which made him think that Anna is dead) and then with a signal from the duke made a fake conversation about Anna's death. The conversation ended up when the dignitaries accepted him to kill Elsa, and he later went to the prison cell to kill Elsa, but just before he came to take Elsa to execution he realized that Elsa has escaped, and that meant for him that he had to go and kill Elsa with a sword. He once again told Elsa lies about what happen to Anna, making her collapse and then he tried to strike Elsa with his sword. But in the last moment Anna stood in front of Elsa and froze to such hard ice that Hans’s sword stroke Anna and the ice on her body didn’t break, but the sword strike forced to come in so it made a kind of wind that pushed Hans away. Hans started worrying about Anna again, saying to her that Elsa froze her heart, but Anna mentioned that he’s got a frozen heart and pushed him into the water with one big punch. He got arrested together with the Duke Of Weselton. 

Official Disney Bio

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Hans is a cruel, yet happy person. He would betray any of his favorite people in order to make other people give him lots of notice. Hans is yet friendly and well mannered, and would never betray his love unless he realizes there is a good anti-lover act to do.


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  • Hans is many times considered as the main antagonist of Frozen if starting good or not. However, the film itself points that the duke is actually the true mastermind and the main antagonist.
  • Prince Hans's full name is Hans Westergard.
  • According to Jennifer Lee, Prince Hans is 23 years old.

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