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Prince Hans
Background information
Feature films Frozen
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Santino Fontana
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Cruel, manipulative, power-hungry, sociopathic, mean, sadistic, murderous
Appearance Tall, fair skin, green eyes, auburn hair
Occupation Prince of the Southern Isles
Affiliations Bad
Goal Become king of Arendelle and kill Elsa and Anna
Home Southern Isles
Enemies Elsa the Snow Queen, Anna, Kristoff
Likes Power, admiration
Dislikes Disrespect, treason, Elsa
Powers and abilities
Weapons Sword
Fate Imprisoned and sent back to the Southern Isles to be punished by his 12 brothers
Typical Saying "Elsa, don't be the monster they fear you are!"

Prince Hans of the Southern Isles is the hidden main antagonist of Disney's Frozen. He is the youngest of 13 royal siblings in the Southern Isles.

Official Disney BioEdit

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Role in the filmEdit

Prince Hans was among the royals that visited Arendelle for Queen Elsa's coronation. However, he was secretly plotting to marry Elsa's younger sister Princess Anna and then murder Elsa to become king of Arendelle. He met Anna after she left the castle and the two accidentally fell into a boat. Anna immediately fell for him, but was forced to return to the castle. Hans was later present for Elsa's crowning as queen.

Hans met Anna again at the celebration party after Anna was brushed off by Elsa shortly beforehand. They appeared to bond, and Hans revealed he was shut out by his siblings as well, creating a false connection. Hans later proposed to Anna, which she readily accepted. However, when they asked Elsa for their blessing, Elsa found the idea of Anna marrying someone she just met preposterous and refused, sparking an argument between the two sisters that resulted in Elsa revealing her hidden ability to create ice and snow.

Panicking, Elsa fled the castle and unintentionally put the kingdom into an eternal winter. After Anna failed to convince Elsa to return, Hans asked Anna if she knew of Elsa's powers, which she denied. Feeling party responsible for the curse, Anna took it upon herself to find Elsa and convince her to return to Arendelle, leaving Hans in charge of Arendelle while she was gone. Hans tried to help the freezing citizens of Arendelle by handing out cloaks to keep them warm. After an argument with The Duke of Weselton, Anna's horse returned without Anna, resulting in Hans believing Anna was in danger and he and the royals guards set out to find rescue her.

When Hans and the guards reached Elsa's ice palace, they were attacked by Marshmallow, an ice golem Elsa had created to keep intruders from entering. A battle ensued between the Hans and the golem, and during the battle, the Duke's men, who were given orders to kill Elsa by the Duke, saw Elsa watching the battle and managed to pass Marshmallow and chased Elsa inside the castle. Hans finally managed to get a clear shot at Marshallow by severing his leg, causing him to plummet off the cliff. As Han's made his way to the castle, he saw Elsa about to kill the two men, but Hans managed to calm her down, but one of the men tried to shoot her with his arrow, forcing Hans to intercept the shot and cause to arrow to hit the chandelier with crashes and knocks Elsa unconscious.

Elsa was captured and taken back to Arendelle, where she was chained. With the winter curse intensifying, Hans briefly enters Elsa's cell and asks Elsa to restore summer, but the Snow Queen confesses she doesn't know how to and asks him to get Anna, but he replies she hasn't been found. He briefly tries to find her, but is asked by a dignitary to remain. Luckily, Anna returns, but injured after being struck by Elsa's powers, and only an act of true love can heal her. She asks Hans to kiss her, but he rejects her and reveals his plan to execute Elsa, which he believes will restore summer, and with Anna dying, he can rule the kingdom with both sisters dead. He also dowses the fireplace to speed up Anna's death and locks her in the room.

With Anna trapped and Elsa imprisoned, Hans fakes grief over Anna's apparent death and tells then she was killed by Elsa, but before Anna died, they said their vows, making him king of Arendelle. He then orders the execution of Elsa, but Elsa freezes her chains and frees herself just as Hans and the guards arrive, much to Hans' disappointment. As the winter gets worse, Hans follows Elsa into the fjord while wielding a sword. Elsa, not knowing his true intentions, asks Hans to take care of Anna, but he tells her Anna is dead because of her, prompting Elsa to break down and the ice storm to stop.

With Elsa distracted by her own grief, Hans draws his sword and approaches her, ready to strike her down. At the same time, Anna is freed by Olaf, another of Elsa's snowlem, and sees Hans about to murder Elsa and immediately jumps between the two just as Hans strikes. Anna freezes solid just as the sword hits her, and the force of the blow shatters the sword and knocks Hans away, rendering him unconscious. Hans recovers just as Anna is relieved of her curse, as sacrificing herself for her sister counts as an act of true love, and Elsa manages to restore summer. Anna confronts Hans and punches him, knocking him off the ship. He is later imprisoned and shipped back to the Southern Isles to be punished by his brothers.


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  • Hans is the complete opposite of many characters in Frozen:
    • Anna, for while both were shut out for many years, she wants to reconnect with her sister and would do anything to reconnect with her. Hans, on the others side, was being ignored & overshadowed by his 12 older brothers, and would do anything, including murder, to gain respect & admiration.
    • Elsa, for when she shuts Anna out, she only does that to protect her. Hans would never shut her out, but he only does that to become king.
    • Kristoff, for when he is gruff & tough on the outside, he's actually kind-hearted & caring on the inside. But when it comes to Hans, he's kind & friendly on the outside, but on the inside, he is evil & selfish on the inside.
    • Olaf, for when he represents the love between Anna & Elsa, Hans represents the breaking of Anna & Elsa's bond.
  • Prince Hans's full name is Hans Westergard.
  • Hans is similar to the villain Medusa in the ride Journey to Atlantis, for both want to kill people in order to rule great kingdoms and are defeated in the end of their stories.
  • According to Jennifer Lee, Prince Hans is 23 years old.

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