Ramses II is the actual secondary antagonist in The Ten Commandments.

In The Ten CommandmentsEdit

Ramses is first seen as a 7-year-old boy holding a small sword. He then drops it. After that, he is a 16-year-old man running on some animals with Moses. Ramses falls into the water, where a Nile crocodile is about to eat him. Next, Ramses shoots a bow & arrow at some birds, but dosen't sucseed. Moses shoots a bow & arrow at an apple, and sucseeds. Ramses is mad at Moses. Then Moses & Ramses lift two birds into the air. The green bird hits the wall and dies. The red bird comes back to Moses. Ramses is still mad at Moses. Next, they go chariot-racing. Moses passes Ramses, so Ramses is angry at him. Then, Ramses fights Pharaoh. The pharaoh drops his weapon. Because Ramses was mad at Moses all that time, they fight each other. Moses pushes him at some pots. But Ramses gets the upper hand by pushing Moses at a statue of Pharaoh Seti I. Ramses tells him to give up. They wrestle into a fountain. While wrestling, the fountain breaks, bringing both of them to the Pharaoh. He tells them to go to his palace. After a little while, Ramses tells his father that he will be a god in the eyes of Egypt forever. Pharaoh thanks him for saying that.

Later in the film, Ramses tells Moses he is no longer a Prince of Egypt, and that he is now the prince of the desert. He throws a scepter at him, and laughs at him. Then he rides away with his chariot.

A day later, Moses finds Ramses II as the new Pharaoh. He calls Moses the murder & Moses the coward, and tells him his sister died that morning. He also tells him he is the only Prince of Egypt. He then walks away with his own son.

Moses & Aaron come to Ramses's palace, telling him to let their people go. The pharaoh laughs evily. He tells Moses that he has been in the desert too long. He again calls Moses the murderer & Moses the coward, and now calls him Moses the frog. Ramses tells Moses that he is the god of Egypt, and there is no other god. Moses shows him the power of God, and his staff becomes a king cobra. The pharaoh snaps his fingers, telling his magicians to come to the palace. The magicians come into the scene and throw their staffs. The staffs become gaboon vipers. They come toward the cobra, but it strikes the vipers and eats them. The king cobra turns back into a staff. Moses again tells him to let his people go. But he refuses and says "Tell your god that Pharaoh will not release his slaves. They very work as it is and have me set them free? No. Tell your god that I will increase their work. I will no longer give them straw to make their bricks. They will have to find their own straw, and if they don't meet their quotars, they will die. They will die by days' end! Tell your god that, Moses!" Aaron & Moses leave the palace.

Later on, Ramses's horse drinks water fron the Nile. Moses tells the Pharaoh to let his people go. But he dosen't listen. So Moses lifted up his staff and stuck the river, and God turned the water into blood. All over Egypt their was blood. The fish died, the river stank, and the Egyptians could not drink. King Ramses tells Moses that he poisoned the water. Moses tells him to let his people go, but he refuses. So he suffers the plague of frogs, gnats, flies, on livestock, of boils, hail, locusts, and darkness, too. During the plague of darkness, he calls for Moses. Moses comes into the palace. The plague of darkness is over. Moses tells Ramses to let his people go, and that he shouldn't think that he is greater than than the LORD. Ramses asked "Who is this god of yours, Moses?" Moses answers that his god is Jehovah. The pharaoh says "I know no such name! I know no such god! If you don't want to see your people slain, leave this house!" Moses says that the LORD will bring one more plague on Egypt, and at midnight, he will kill every firstborn son. Ramses II banishes Moses fron his palace. He yells that he will kill him. Moses leaves the palace immediately.

During the plague on the firstborn, two Egyptian guards are at the city. The angels come down from heaven and kill the firstborn of Egypt, and the two Egyptian guards are afraid. The great cry rises, and the angels finally kill Ramses's own son.

After the plague of the firstborn, the pharaoh looks at his dead son in woe & pain. Moses comes to the palace. He tells Moses to go, & the other Hebrews, too. He tells moses to serve his god and be gone. Moses says that he & the other Isrealites will go. He leaves the palace.

Later on, the pharaoh asks his guards why they let his slaves free. They answered that he ordered it. But he says that he was a fool. Pharaoh says that he is the only god. He tells Solomon Jariots that they will kill or capture the Isrealites. Jariots asked if he can kill Moses. Pharaoh answers that Moses is his to kill.

Pharaoh, Solomon Jariots, & the rest of the army put their armor on and ride off to kill or capture the Hebrews. Ramses yells to his army to kill or capture them. Later, they spot the Hebrews at the Red Sea. King Ramses II tells the army to attack the Isrealites, and they do so. But a column of fire comes to the earth, blocking Ramses's path. So he tells Solomon Jariots to order to go around the column of fire. Unfortunately lightning strikes their path. The LORD makes a path in the Red Sea, allowing the Isrealites to go through. The lightning stops striking, and the fire goes into the sky, allowing the whole army to go through the Red Sea. But Ramses's chariot hits a rock, knocking him off. He watches as Solomon Jariots & the rest of the army cross the Red Sea and are about to kill or capture the Hebrews. But God closes the path, drowning Jariots & the rest of the army. Ramses looks at his battle helmet, drops it, and walks away in sorrow & defeat.


  • Ramses II used war & slavery to build wealth & power.
  • He got famous for being the greatest Egyptian builder.
  • There is a giant statue of Ramses in Memphis.