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Rasputia Latimore
Rasputia Latimore
Background information
Feature films Norbit
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Eddie Murphy
Performance model
Character information
Other names Fatass, The Queen of Whores
Personality Evil, mean, selfish, cold, heartless, lazy, greedy, arrogant, selfish, abusive, aggressive, gluttonous, domineering
Appearance Morbidly obese black woman, dark hair, large butt / breasts, wears a variety of revealing outfits
Occupation Mexican stripper
Goal To keep Norbit under her control
Friends Big Black Jack Latimore, Blue Latimore, Earl Latimore
Enemies Norbit Albert Rice, Kate Thomas, Mr. Wong
Minions Big Black Jack Latimore, Blue Latimore, Earl Latimore
Likes Getting what she wants, power, money, abusing Norbit, eating, her brothers
Dislikes Not getting what she wants, Norbit, Kate, Mr. Wong, Norbit's love for Kate
Powers and abilities Deception
Brute strength
Weapons Spade
Fate Becomes a Mexican stripper
Typical Saying "How you doin'?"

Rasputia Latimore is the main antagonist of Norbit. She is Norbit's arch-nemesis and ex-wife, Big Black Jack, Blue, and Earl's leader, boss, and younger sister, and Kate's arch-rival.

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