Professor Ratigan
Background information
Feature films The Great Mouse Detective
Mickey's House of Villains
Television programs House of Mouse
Video games Basil the Great Mouse Detective
Park attractions
Voice Vincent Price
Performance model
Inspiration Professor James Moriarty
Character information
Other names The Napoleon of Crime, The World's Greatest Criminal Mind, The World's Greatest Rat
Personality Intelligent, sadistic, psychotic, furious
Appearance Muscular rat, top hat, white gloves, black cape
Occupation Crime lord
Goal To rule Mousedom
Home Ratigan's Lair
Enemies Basil of Baker Street, Olivia, Dr. Dawson, Hiram, Toby
Minions Fidget the Bat, Felicia, Bartholomew
Likes Committing crimes, defeating Basil
Dislikes Basil, being called a rat
Powers and abilities Intellect
Weapons Claws
Fate Falls from Big Ben
Typical Saying "There's no escape this time, Basil!"

Professor Ratigan was the main antagonist of The Great Mouse Detective. He was a crime lord, leading a group of criminals. He sought to control Mousedom and overthrow Queen Moustoria.

Despite Ratigan being a rat, Ratigan hates being called one and grumpily denies it.


The Great Mouse Detective Edit

It is then that Ratigan, out of sheer bad temper, finally breaks free of the gears, tearing his clothes (including his shoes) in the process, and transforming from a very formal, composed rat to a highly savage one. He pursues Basil with great speed and leaps into him, and they both fall onto the clock's hour hand. Finally, Ratigan extends his long and strong claws and begins slashing Basil, wounding him. He manages to knock Basil off the hand, but Basil grabs onto the wreckage of the blimp. Suddenly, the clock bell tolls, causing Ratigan to plunge off off the hand, as he falls he tries to take Basil with him, but he fails and in the process, he fell 278 feet into the darkness below to his death.

Oliver & CompanyEdit

Ratigan makes a cameo appearance in Oliver & Company. During the song "Perfect Isn't Easy", he appears on a black and white photo at the very back of Georgette's portrait collection.

House of MouseEdit

File:Ratigan House of Mouse.png

Ratigan's most notable cameo appearance in House of Mouse was in "Donald's Lamp Trade", in which he tries to lure Dr. Dawson with cheese on a mousetrap, but Basil stops Dawson and tells him that it's a trap, at which point Ratigan groans, "Curses!" at his failure.

He is also seen with several other mice in "House of Scrooge".

Disney ParksEdit

Disney Parks Ratigan

Ratigan posing for a photo at Walt Disney World

Professor Ratigan was once a walkaround character at the Disney parks during the initial release of The Great Mouse Detective. But he has been retired, rumoredly because he frightened children. Ratigan's last appearance was at a special event at the Magic Kingdom in 2004.

Trivia Edit

  • In the episode "Like Blunt" of Darkwing Duck, Professor Ratigan, Felicia and Fidget the Bat Make a cameo-appearances with Island Salad Sea Resort, Which Came Stole S.H.U.S.H. Agency List.
  • Professor Ratigan along with Basil of Baker Street both make cameo characters in House of Mouse, both voiced by Maurice LaMarche.
  • Ratigan's first name is Padraic.
  • Ratigan is voiced by Vincent Price who also voiced Zigzag from The Thief and the Cobbler and also Frederick Loren in the 1959 horror classic House on the Haunted Hill.