Background information
Feature films Aladdin
The Return of Jafar
Aladdin and the King of Thieves
Television programs Aladdin
Video games
Park attractions
Animators Ruben A. Aquino
Voice Jim Cummings
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Originally: Gruff, tough, rude, selfish, greedy, aggressive, brutal, violent, ruthless, cruel, harsh, manipulative, arrogant, loyal, sadistic, intimidating
Later: Good-hearted, friendly, kind, helpful
Appearance Very muscular man with turban
Occupation Captain of the Guard
Affiliations Bad/Neutral, later Good
Goal To imprison Aladdin and keep Agrabah safe
Home Agrabah
Friends The Sultan, Princess Jasmine, Rajah, the royal guards, Aladdin, Abu, Genie, Iago
Enemies Aladdin, Abu, Princess Jasmine, Magic Carpet, Genie, Iago (all formerly), Jafar, the forty thieves, Sa'Luk
Minions The Royal Guards
Likes Praise, the law, serving the Sultan
Dislikes Street rats, thieves, law breakers, treason, theft, Aladdin (formerly)
Powers and abilities
Weapons Scimitar, fists
Fate Learns to accept Aladdin and catches bouquets at the Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding
Typical Saying "I'll have your hands for a trophy, street rat"

Razoul (Arabic: رازول‎) is a major antagonist turned anti-hero in Disney's Aladdin and it's two sequels and it's TV series. He is the captain of the guards working for the Sultan. Razoul is one of Aladdin's arch-nemesis and becomes obsessed with arresting him for his crimes.


  • Although Razoul is unnamed in the first film, but his name is revealed in the sequel.

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