Roger Klotz smirks
Roger Klotz
Background information
Feature films Doug's 1st Movie
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Billy West (Nickelodeon)

Chris Phillips (Disney)

Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality mean, arrogant, cocky, troublesome, rude, funny
Appearance Slender teenaged boy, green-skinned human with red hair and black beady eyes. Wearing a white t-shirt, black jacket, jeans and black boots
Occupation Student, Bully
Affiliations Neutral/Bad
Home Bluffington
Friends Stinky (pet cat)
Enemies Doug Funnie (sometimes), Skeeter Valentine (sometimes), Patty Mayonnaise (sometimes), Porkchop (sometimes)
Minions Ned Capuhee, Boomer Bledsoe, Willy White, Stinky
Likes Rock music
Dislikes Snakes
Powers and abilities
Fate Graduate from seventh grade
Typical Saying

Roger Klotz is the main bully in the cartoon series Doug. He wasn't the brightest of persons, so he usually mocked and bullied everyone, especially Doug Funnie, for whatever reason he wanted. In Doug's made-up stories on his journal, Roger was always portrayed as the supervillain. When Roger's family won the lottery, Roger became filthy-rich. Although he got a little egoccentric, he gave up on his bullying days and became friends with Doug and the rest of the cast.