Rosa Klebb
Background information
Feature films From Russia with Love
Television programs
Video games GoldenEye (2010) (multiplayer mode)
007 Legends (multiplayer mode)
Park attractions
Actress Lotte Lenya
Performance model
Awards 5th place in's Top 10 James Bond Villains along with Red Grant
Character information
Other names Colonel Klebb
Personality Manipulative
Appearance Brown hair
Occupation Operative of SMERSH,
Goal Get revenge on MI6 for the death of Dr. Julius No
Home Russia, Eastern Europe, Europe (in the Novel), Ukraine, Europe (in the movie)
Friends Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Kronsteen
Enemies James Bond, Tatiana Romanova
Minions Red Grant, Kronsteen, Morzeny, Krilenchu, Rhoda, Tatiana Romanova (formely)
Powers and abilities
Weapons Gun, Knife, poison shoe blade
Fate Gets shot by Tatiana Romanova
Typical Saying Who can the Russians suspect but the British? The Cold War in Istanbul will not remain cold very much longer.

Rosa Klebb is a Russian agent and the main antagonist in the second James Bond film From Russia with Love.

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