Russel Cargill
Russel Cargill
Background information
Feature films The Simpsons Movie
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Albert Brooks
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Domineering, strict, deceitful
Appearance Grey haired man with blue suit and pants
Occupation Head of the EPA
Affiliations Bad
Goal Destroy Springfield
Enemies Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa, Maggie, Springfield citizens
Minions Arnold Schwarzenegger
Likes Commanding, tricking the US president
Dislikes Polution, Anyone escaping the dome
Powers and abilities Influence over the US government
Weapons Gun
Fate Hit by a rock unconscious
Typical Saying

Russ Cargill is the main antagonist of The Simpsons Movie. He was the head of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and also the commander of the Dome operation.

He was voiced by Albert Brooks (credited as "A. Brooks").


Russ found a squirrel who turned mutated by a lake that Homer polluted. Russ puts Springfield in a dome due to polution. However, after the Simpsons escape the dome, Russ goes mad with power and forgets about his job and orders. When Russ sees Springfield citizens trying to break free from the saga dome, he plans to destroy Springfield and capture the Simpson family (except Homer). Russ sends a bomb into Springfield and Homer goes on saving Springfield. Homer throws the bomb out of Springfield, which the bomb blows up causes to break the dome into pieces. Then, Russ then appears and aims a shotgun at Homer and Bart, but just when he's about to fire, Maggie throws a boulder on his head from behind, instantly knocking Russ unconscious.