Sally Payson is the main antagonist in Rugrats episode "No Bones About It". She is a loudmouth, stern, rude and ill-tempered chief of security guard at the Natural History Museum. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille.
Sally Payson

Information Edit

When Lou rushes to find the babies, he run to Sally. She said that there is no running in the museum. Later, Lou runs again to find the babies and Sally starts chasing after Lou. Lou found the babies in the vase exhibit, and Lou accidentally bump the vase and catches them from breaking them. Sally sees Lou touching museum property and starts going after him.

In trying to save tyke, Lou and the babies almost destroy the exhibits. Then Sally kicks them out of the museum, and she claims that she saved the museum, then all the T-Rex bones collapse and falls right on her. Later, Sally presumably loses her job.