Background information
Feature films Treasure Planet
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Michael Wincott
Performance model
Inspiration Israeal Hands
Character information
Other names Spider Psycho
Personality Murderous, threatening, greedy, short-tempered
Appearance Slender spider-like crab-like extraterrestrial with yellow eyes
Occupation Pirate
Affiliations Bad
Goal Kill Jim Hawkins
Friends John Silver (all an act)
Enemies Jim Hawkins, Dr. Delbert, Doppler, Captain Amelia, B.E.N., Morph, Mr. Arrow, John Silver
Minions Onus, Hands, Gwenge, Turnbuckle, Blinko, Frayvoon, Verne, Crex, Mertock, Krailoni, Hedley, Torrance, Longbourne, Zoff (unknown)
Likes Treasure, mutiny, death
Dislikes Jim Hawkins,Mr.Arrow,Following John Silver's Orders
Powers and abilities Arachnid abilities
Weapons Pincers
Fate Floating away into empty space to his death when tangled by a flag
Typical Saying "Do say hello to Mr. Arrow"

Scroop is the primary antagonist of the Disney 2002 animated film Treasure Planet. He is a crab-like spider-like extraterrestrial who was a member of John Silver's crew. Like Silver, he wanted the treasure as well.


Scroop was prepared to kill Jim Hawkins when he was eavesdropping. That is, until Silver intervened. His most memorable act, however, was when he killed Mr. Arrow, the Captain's mate. When they were nearing a blackhole, Scroop cuts off Arrow's lifeline, and allows him to fall into the blackhole. He then frames Jim for the murder. When he was fighting with Jim on the ship, B.E.N. the robot accidentally switches off the gravitation wire, thus making the gravity disappear. As Jim was holding onto the flagpole, Scroop attempted to cut off the rope, just as he did with Arrow. However, Jim outsmarts him, and ties him up with the flag. The rope snaps, and the murderous alien drifts off into space, floating upwards to his death.

Trivia Edit

  • Scroop's death seems to be an inverse of other Disney villains because instead of "falling" to his death, he "rises" to his death.
  • He is similiar to Scar as both antagonists reveal their true natures to their victims (Mr. Arrow and Mufasa), and blame their deaths on the protagonists (Jim and Simba). Both also meet a similar fate at the hands of the protagonists later on.
  • He is Similiar to Thrax
  • Both have a a extra claw
  • Both nearly killed the hero
  • Both are Pure Evil
  • His Mouth is similiar to Predator
  • his extra tongue is reference to Alien.