Selkirk Tander
Selkirk Tander
Background information
Feature films Air Buddies
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Holmes Osborne
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Appearance Slender man with fair skin, gray hair, wearing an eyepatch, purple vest, brown pants
Affiliations Bad
Goal Kidnap the buddies for a ton of money
Friends Mr. Livington, Bartebly
Enemies Air Bud, Molly,Budderball,RoseBud, Mudbud,B-Dawg, Buddha, Sheriff Bob, Deputy Sniffer, Noah, Henry
Minions Grim & Denning
Likes Money
Powers and abilities
Weapons Fencing sword
Fate Arrested
Typical Saying

Selkirk Tander is the main antagonist in the 2006 film Air Buddies. He is a greedy man trying to earn $500,000 from Mr. Livington, by having Air Bud and his family dognapped. He was portrayed by Holmes Osborne.


Tander tries to impress Mr. Livingston's son, Bartleby Livingston by showing him a female tiger for his birthday, but Bartleby wanted an animal he can play with. He wants Air Bud (Buddy) because Buddy can play sports. Mr. Livingston offers $500,000 if Selkirk can get Buddy. Selkirk then sends his nephew Grim and assistant Denning to capture Buddy. They In wine country, Selkirk is pleased that Denning and Grim captured both Buddy and Molly so he can have them breed puppies and sell them for money. When Grim explain that Buddy and Molly already had puppies and Denning let them get away, Selkirk tells them to lock the dogs in the wine cellar and go and capture the puppies and threatens that if they don't catch the puppies, they will be fed to the tiger. Grim and Denning go back to Buddy's home to capture the Buddies but no luck as they get into comical situations. At the near end of the film, the buddie's parents managed to escape. Noah, Henry, and the dogs release barrels towards Selkirk and Mr. Livingston; the barrels break the wine container. Selkirk and Mr. Livingston fall in, as the container cracks open. Washing out of the container, Sheriff Bob arrives to arrest Selkirk, Denning, and Grim.