"Piano man! Open up!"

~ Sheriff Not-A-Robot trying to get Vitruvius to open the door

Sheriff Not-A-Robot is a member of the Super Secret Police and a supporting antagonist in The LEGO Movie. Apparently, he is the leader of the Super Secret Police in the Wild West.

Role in The LEGO Movie Edit

Sheriff Not-A-Robot first appears when Bad Cop arrives at the restruant with a poster of Emmet, and Sheriff Not-A-Robot says, "Draw a cowboy hat on." Bad Cop does so, and Sheriff Not-A-Robot says, "Hay, ya, yah!", and a female Western robot appears.

He then appears, and destroys Vitruvius's room. He then looks for Vitruvius so he can kill him, but no one is there.

Sheriff Not-A-Robot then chases the main characters, along with the Western robots. Emmet throws a LEGO brick to stop them, but they keep going. Sheriff Not-A-Robot then shoots a wheel off the chariot the main characters were using, and the main characters see a cliff that leads to a dangerous river. However, Emmet is able to put the wheel on his own head. Wildstyle then turns the chariot around. Sheriff Not-A-Robot and his robots try to stop, but couldn't and fall into the river below, killing them and blowing them up.