Smek design
Background information
Feature films Home
Television programs Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Steve Martin
Performance model
Character information
Other names Captain Smek (formerly)
D.J. Smek
Personality Cowardly, serious, paranoid, sly, clever, selfish (formerly)
Nice, friendly, smart (currently)
Friends Oh, Kyle, the Boov race (currently)
Enemies Oh, Tip, Kyle, Pig, Gorg Commander (all formerly)
Minions Kyle (formerly)
Powers and abilities
Weapons The "Shoosher"
Fate Gets fired from his rank, and becomes a D.J.
Typical Saying "Did you really think you could escape?"

Smek, formerly known as Captain Smek, and now known as D.J. Smek, is the main true antagonist (later reformed) in Home, and a recurring antagonist in Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh. He is the (former) leader of the Boov race, and is currently a D.J. He was also a thief in the T.V. series.

He was voiced by Steve Martin.

Information Edit

Smek was formerly the Captain of his race, the Boov. However, because of his clumsy, and especially mad behavior, he was demoted from his rank, and became a D.J. As well as a D.J., he was a thief in the T.V. series on Netflix.

Personality Edit

In the film, Smek is not truly evil or manipulative. Rather, Smek is a comedic character, and has a good side as well, as he is only trying to protect the Boov from certain "threats", such as the Gorg, which he believes are evil, until the end of the film.

Appearance Edit

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History Edit

Early life Edit

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Almost Home Edit

In the Almost Home short, Captain Smek is the main character.

Home Edit

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Home: Adventures with Tip and Oh Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • He is the second DreamWorks villain to be an alien, the first being Gallaxhar. However, Smek reforms from his evil ways in the end, while Gallaxhar is pure evil.