Sofia Walker is a character from "Sofia And Lucy" she is Lucy Walker's sister. Sofia has had some villain roles in a few episodes that lead the viewers to the dark side of Sofia Walker.

Snapshot 12 (06-02-2016 18-17)

Villain Roles Edit

. "The Visitors From Planet Ugly" - Killed manager and employees of a toy company

. "Mad Look" - Pretends to be a boy and kills innocent people

. "The Big Wish" - Brings hatred on her friends when they can't come to the prom

. "Sofia And The Balloon" - Violently beats up Lucy

. "Rocky Road" - Becomes Evil

. "Elephants Never Forget Rewards" - Ruins a teacher's career

. "Red And White" - Pretends to be cool and acts mean around her friends

. "Dead Slug" - Turns Into An Angry Monster