Stoop Kid
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Hey Arnold!
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Danny Cooksey
Performance model
Character information
Other names Stoop Kid
Personality Threatening, intimidating, short-tempered
Appearance Teenage kid with slightly long orangish-brown hair, wears a olive-colored flannel vest, white t-shirt, sky-blue shorts and black and white shoes.
Occupation Stoop Kid
Affiliations Neutral
Friends Arnold
Enemies Arnold (formerly), Harold
Likes harassing pedestrians
Dislikes Anyone touch or go on his stoop
Powers and abilities
Fate Chasing after Harold
Typical Saying

Stoop Kid is the main antagonist in the Hey Arnold! episode of the same name. He is a nameless teenage kid who lives on his stoop.


In Gerald's story, Stoop Kid was abandoned on his stoop shortly after birth, as he grew up on it and refuses to leave his stoop.

In current life, It begins when Arnold kicks the football to thr stoop of a neighborhood bully named Stoop Kid, and Arnold tries to retrieve the football, but things gets even harder when Stoop Kid is on his stoop. He is seen harassing any pedestrians who get too close to his stoop. But when he finally got his football back, Stoop Kid caught him from going on his stoop, and Harold (along with the other kids) teases Stoop Kid that he is afraid to leave his stoop. Arnold hears Stoop Kid wailing and helps him to overcome his fear of leaving his stoop. In the end, Stoop Kid finally leaves his stoop but continues to stay there and harass people on and off his stoop. Harold is unaware of Stoop Kid leaved his stoop and taunts him once again by throwing his sticky popsicle stick on Stoop Kid's stoop, which later Stoop Kid chases Harold.