Taffyta Muttonfudge
Background information
Feature films Wreck-It Ralph
Television programs
Video games Wreck-It Ralph
Park attractions
Voice Mindy Kaling
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Mean, short-tempered, converse bondage, narcissist, hateful, cute, beautiful
Appearance Small blindfolded, fair-skinned girl with pink helmet, bound and gagged, shirt, and pants with white stripes, pink converse shoes
Occupation Sugar Rush racer
Goal To win the race (to tied up to train tracks)
Home Sugar Rush
Friends Candlehead, Rancis Fluggerbutter, Vanellope von Schweetz
Enemies Vanellope von Schweetz (formerly), Cy-Bugs
Dislikes Vanellope (formerly)
Powers and abilities Racing skills
Fate Apologizes to Vanellope

Taffyta Muttonfudge is the secondary antagonist of Disney's 2012 film Wreck-It Ralph. She is a racer from the game Sugar Rush and the best racer after King Candy, who she adores. She has a hatred of Vanellope von Schweetz for her status as a glitch. She is voiced by Mindy Kaling.


Wreck-It RalphEdit

She first appears racing and then offering a gold coin to King Candy so she can race along with the other racers. During this time, Vanellope comes with a medal she took from Wreck-It Ralph, thinking it was a coin and trying to give it to Candy. She succeeds but accidently removes her disguise in front of Taffyta and King Candy. Guards are called to arrest her and she runs towards Taffyta and the other racers but she escapes due to Ralph's interference, but her location is found out by Taffyta, who draws a large group of racers to Vanellope's location at a junkyard, where she has built a kart. Vanellope is at first happy to see Taffyta, presenting her badly-built racing scrap kart. Unimpressed, Taffyta tries to get Vanellope to drop out of the race, but this fails. Taffyta then insults Vanellope's status as a glitch, but Vanellope denies being one but glitches at that moment. Taffyta mimics Vanellope's glitching and this gets the other racers to do the same while they destroy the kart while pretending to glitch as well. Vanellope pulls Taffyta away from the kart but Taffyta turns on her and Vanellope is too afraid to defend herself and is knocked into a mud puddle. Ralph, who had been observing the situation, jumped out of hiding and charged at the alarmed racers, who immediately fled back into their racing karts and drove away. Even though Taffyta was one of the first to get into her kart, she was the last to leave.

Taffyta doesn't bother Vanellope again until the race actually starts, and Vanellope comes in with a new kart. Taffyta easily gets in first place and is warned by her friend Rancis Fluggerbutter that Vanellope is coming. Taffyta orders her other friend Candlehead to light the cherry bombs so they will explode when Vanellope drives next to them. Taffyta tries to discourage Vanellope again when she is almost blown off the track. Taffyta enters a cave and Vanellope glitches in front of her, causing an alarmed Taffyta to fall off the track and into a giant vanilla ice cream on the bottom. She sticks her head out of the ice cream and starts crying. The race is halted by the arrival of the Cy-Bugs, who attack Sugar Rush. Taffyta escapes from the ice cream and leaves her game and goes to Game Central Station, leaving Vanellope and King Candy in danger. King Candy is revealed to be Turbo, the game character from the unplugged game TurboTime. He and the Cy-Bugs are killed and Taffyta, along with the other racers, returns to Sugar Rush. By that time, Vanellope has crossed the finish line and the game resets, and Vanellope turns out to be the princess, but Turbo locked their memories. Upon their memories being restored, Taffyta is the first to apologize and Vanellope says she will be executed, causing her and her friends to start panicking. Vanellope then reveals she was joking, but Taffyta continues to cry. when suddenly braeden put bag on taffyta's head and tied taffyta up to train tracks, After she calms down, she agrees to Vanellope's decision to remain a glitch and becomes president. After that, Taffyta becomes Vanellope's friend.