Tee Hee Johnson
Background information
Feature films Live and Let Die
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Julius W. Harris
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Creepy, scary, ugly
Appearance Large, muscular, disgusting yellow teeth, dark skin, brown eyes, red suit, glasses, metal claw
Affiliations Bad
Goal To kill bond
Friends Kanaga, Rosie, Whispers
Enemies James Bond
Powers and abilities
Weapons Claw
Fate Gets disarmed by a James Bond
Typical Saying "Mr. Bond, It's good to see you again"

Tee-Hee is the secondary antagonist from the 1973 film Live and Let Die. is one of the central villains, in Doctor Kananga's employ. He is intimidating to look at, and earns his name as "the least thing amuses him", Tee-Hee could be called Kananga's right-hand man, except that he hasn't got a right hand, nor a right arm, as his arm was removed by a crocodile named Albert, that wanted a bit more than lunch.

Bond is first introduced to Tee-Hee in Mr Big's lair, where he shows off the power of his prostetic limb, by twisting the barrel of Bond's Walther PPK, Tee-Hee is also a very loyal henchman, and is never seen far from his bosses side. The second encounter of Bond and Tee-Hee, is again in Mr Big/ Kananga's Headquarters, there Bond is subjected to interrogation by Kananga into whether on not he has meddled with Solitaire's virginity and foresight into Tarot Cards, he says that for every wrong answer, Tee-Hee will begin using his claw arm, to began cutting Bond's limbs away, however the first answer was correct.

After the interrogation, Tee-Hee knocks Bond unconscious, and they take him to Kananga's Crocodile Farm, where Tee-Hee gives Bond a small tour of the premises which includes a small Drug Processing Laboratory, and then gives Bond a little background of Crocodiles and Alligators. Tee-Hee then leads Bond onto a small island, and later deserts Bond saying "there are two ways to disarm a crocodile, one is to get a pencil, and stab it between the eyes", Bond inquires to the second, Tee-Hee replies "oh, the second id twice as simple, you simply stick your hand inside, and pull all his teeth out", Tee-Hee then sniggers, as he leaves Bond for dead.

However he is completly suprised that Bond escapes the island, and sets the Laboratory aflame, this gives Bond time, to hi-jack the Laboratory's Glastron Speedboat, Tee-Hee is flushed out in the carnage that ensured, and is completely suprised to see Bond running away alive.

After Kananga's Death, Tee-Hee attempts to avange Kananga, he sneeks abroad the Crescent Train, and enters the apartment in which Bond and Solitaire are sleeping, when Bond enters an sees Tee-Hee, Tee-Hee closes the foldable bed, with Solitaire inside, a fight begins, and Tee-Hee has an advantage, and begins to strangle Bond with his metal arm, Bond then aquires some wire-cutters, and cuts two wires linked to Tee-Hee's claw, which locks onto a window, Bond then hears Solitaire banging on the bed, and throws Tee-Hee out of the Train window, tearing his prostetic arm off in the process.