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The Big One
Background information
Feature films Jurassic Park
Television programs
Video games LEGO Jurassic World
Park attractions Jurassic Park: River Adventure - The Ride
Performance model
Character information
Other names Raptor, Clever Girl, Velociraptor
Personality Evil, mean, brutal, sadistic, bloodthirsty, tricky, murderous, power hungry, cunning, clever, bad-tempered, nononsense (LEGO version only)
Appearance A brown Velociraptor with sickle-shaped claws, yellow eyes, largest in her pack, and sharp teeth just like her fellow pack members
Occupation The leader of Isla Nublar's new first Velociraptor pack
Affiliations Evil
Goal Kill all the humans so they won't pose threat on her and her fellow raptors + continue killing for sport.
Home Isla Nublar
Enemies Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Ian Malcom, Lex Murphy, Tim Murphy, Robert Muldoon, Rexy
Minions Other Velociraptors
Likes Food, hunting
Dislikes Any of her Velociraptors being harmed
Powers and abilities Screeching, roaring
Weapons All of extinct original raptors' common abilities and powers includes sharp teeth, claws, and speed.
Fate Gets thrown by Rexy into a large dinosaur skeleton, killing her
Locked into freezer and left frozen to death (Big One's pack)
Ambushed and chomped to death by Rexy (Big One's pack)
Typical Saying

The Big One (nicknamed by Robert Muldoon in the novel) is the brutal and nononsense alpha of a Velociraptor pack and the main antagonist of the 1993 film, Jurassic Park.

Jurassic ParkEdit


In the beginning, eight Velociraptors were cloned in the InGen Compound on Isla Sorna through blood samples in mosquitoes trapped in amber. A few months after hatching the raptors were shipped to upcoming dinosaur theme park Jurassic Park. One of the raptors, the Big One, challenged the leadership pver the raptors, killed 5 of the 8 raptors to assume leadership while the other 2, Randy and Kim were left as her subordinates. After that she was then transferred to a holding pen were she waited until the gatekeeper, Jophery, opened it and she lashed out and killed him. Jophery's demise raised a number of safety issues, as well as a twenty-million dollar lawsuit against InGen. In order to calm his investors, John Hammond invited Ian Malcolm, Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Alan Grant to come down to the park for the weekend, hoping they would approve of the park's security measures

When the power was cut by Dennis Nedry during the Isla Nublar Incident of 1993, Nedry's computer confirmed that the raptor pen was still active. Later, when the staff decided to reboot the power to the purge computer system of Nedry's virus, it inadvertently shut down the raptor fences. Unknown to the survivors, Randy, The Big One, and Kim, broke out of confinement. She ordered Randy and Kim to wipe out any human they encountered before they wandered the area around their paddock.


Though it is difficult to read the personality of this interesting dinosaur, given to Muldoon's concern about her more than the rest of the raptors, it's apparent that this raptor is sociopatic, at least for animal standards. While other raptors of her tribe simply have a bad temper towards one another so much that they're prone to fighting each other, The Big One was surprisingly brutal and tougher than the others, as during her transport alongside other 7 raptors, Muldoon claimed she killed 5 of her fellow raptors just to prove her superiority over another. The Big One hated humans, believing them to be a threat to both her and her fellow pack's well being. Her persistent in killing humans seemed to be apparent and more to extermination effort, as even after killing Muldoon, she still went after the rest of the humans present on the island and would not stop until each of them were dead;  As well as implore her fellow pack members to do the same, even with obstacles that can deter them.

In spite of having tense relationship her fellow raptors, she does care for them, infuriated upon seeing her fellow raptors killed. This however, may be due to inherent pack mentality, and not  actual affection towards them.

LEGO Jurassic WorldEdit


The Big One with Fruit Hat

Her role in Lego adaptation titled LEGO Jurassic World in the Jurassic Park segment essentially same, albeit more comedic and family friendly, and appears as a boss in the game. Unlike in the film however, The Big One is more active and easily identifed with another where she had dark brown scales with light brown underbelly and had black spots on the side of her face.

At the beginning of the game, the Big One lashed out and attacked Jophery simply out of attracted by his sausage and instead of killed him outright like in the movie, she spared the man once he let go of the sausage. In spite of this, her unexpected action still enough to raise raised a number of safety issues, as well as a twenty-million dollar lawsuit against InGen like in the original film.

When the Big One and her pack broke out from the containment, she personally hunt Ray Arnold just like in the movie. While the said member presumably rendered Ray Arnold in catatonic state, if not killed him outright as Sattler and Muldoon discoverd Arnold's body still intact than only a hand before left the maintenance shed. Once they exit the maintenance shed, Kim and Randy attacked Sattler and Muldoon on the outside, but Muldoon threw rocks on their head in retaliation before shooting them with his gun.

After recovered from Muldoon's counterattacks, the Big One and her pack retreats and utilize a tactic to defeat Muldoon that similar with the one that their counterpart used in the film, though there are some difference: Muldoon used a sausage instead of his hat as bait which attracted the Big One's pack member. The Big One herself popped out in front of Muldoon, just came out of  plugged his gun with a banana, and mauled him into K.O.-ed state as the said pack member enjoyed the sausage.

The Big One and a member of her pack later made their way to the visitors center, where they stalked Hammond's grandchildren Lex and Tim like in the movie. She startled her subordinate when she notice the said raptor came to her whilst still fooling around with fruits, causing her dropped the fruit. the kids distracted the Big One's subordinate by having a red banana stuck on a vane that prompt her to attempt to pull it off before had her stuck in the freezer and smack the Big One herself with a frying pan that attached on a mechanism.

The Big One then reveal herself from the other side of the control room, taunts Alan by making a smiley on the door’s window. When she fails to break the door, she resorts to break into the window’s glass. Here, unlike her counterpart in film, instead tries to break into ventilation, very raging, she consults with the visitor center’s map but not before whack her own subordinate as she attempt to peek through the map. Here, she had her minion to catch up with the humans albeit it ended up stuck between bars, forcing her to deal with them herself.

In her final battle with Rexy, due to the game’s mechanic, she was shown able to withstand Rexy’s attacks, and even able to survive when she tossed onto a dinosaur bone display unlike her movie version. But in the end, she eventually beaten into the pulp once Rexy propelled her like a rubber on the wall.


Taunt Alan

The Big One's dry humor

In Lego adaptation of Jurassic Park, she was changed into more comedic, in which her sadistic traits noticeably reduced. Whereas her movie counterpart love to killing any humans she encountered straight away and even had no qualm to do the same on her pack member, the Big One in Lego version prefer to beating every single one of them into pulp, though still not above choosing to killed them either by herself or have her pack member do so instead. Also, she possesses traits that of no-nonsense leader, as she shown scolding her own pack member twice: First was when one of her pack member goof around with human foods where she prompt her to drop them, whilst the second time was when another tries to snatch the visitor center map that she examines which prompt her to smack her.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite killing for sport, she is less evil than the Indominus rex because her hostility on protagonists was mostly out of believing them as threat for her and her pack's existence, but lack other motives that made her became a true villainous character.

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