The Monstars are the alter-egos of the Nerdlucks from the 1996 film Space Jam.

Role in the film Edit

After the Nerdlucks steal the talents of five NBA players, leaving them incapable of playing basketball, they hid them inside a ball, and grew gigantic and muscular and trash the court. Next, when the Looney Tunes abduct Michael Jordan, who says he doesn't play basketball anymore, the Monstars bully and insult him. As Monstar Bang hurts Tweety, Michael changes his decision and agrees to help the Looney Tunes play against the mean team.

Monstars Team Edit

Pound, who stole Charles Barkley's talent is the bossy and overweight orange leader of the Monstars. He speaks in a very deep voice.

Bang, who stole Patrick Ewing's talent is the agressive, green, second in command of the Monstars. He has a large chin, small dragon-like ears, spikes on his back and a red orange flat top. He speaks in a deep growling voice.

Nawt, who stole Muggsy Bogues's talent is the smartest and shortest red monstar. He has a hard time of spelling the word "Monstars". He speaks in a high voice.

Bupkus, who stole Larry Johnson's talent is the stocky purple monstar. He has dark purple hair. He speaks in a deep suave voice.

Blanko, who stole Shawn Bradley's talent is the tall dimwitted and laid-back blue monstar. He has dark blue hair who acted friendly towards Michael Jordan and felt sorry for Tweety when he got injured. He speaks in a thick californian accent.