The Nerdlucks are a group of aliens that work in a galactic carnival called Moron Mountain owned by Mr. Swackhammer, and the secondary antagonists of the film. They are tiny and weak aliens known as the nerdlucks. The Nerdlucks first appear when Mr. Swackhammer is trying to attract more customers to his theme park, becuase he is losing money. During his rant, he suggests something funny, wacky, and nutty when he suddenly sits on the remote control in which a library of Looney Tunes shorts were playing on the TV screens. Bupkus and Nawt point them out, and Swackhammer agrees with them, so he sends the Nerdlucks to Looney Tune Land to capture them. The Nerdlucks encounter Bugs Bunny and ask him the whereabouts of Bugs Bunny because they have no idea what he looks like. He describes himself to them in one of his classic routines, and they agree with the descriptions and Bugs tells them that he has never seen him which disappoints them. At this point, the Nerdlucks figure out he really is Bugs Bunny and they shoot him with their laser guns and Pound tells Bugs and the Looney Tunes characters to come with them. After the Nerdlucks were challenged to a basketball game by Bugs Bunny, they steal the talents of five NBA players and became the Monstars. As the Monstars lost the game to the Looney Tunes who had Michael Jordan's help, Swackhammer berates them, then the Monstars answer to Michael that they were afraid of Swackhammer, and now that they're bigger than him. So they strap Swackhammer to a rocket and blast him to the moon. The reformed Monstars are forgiven and gave the NBA their talent back, and decide to live with the Looney Tunes, once they prove themselves looney.

Appearance Edit

  • Pound, an orange nerdluck who wears a green bowtie. He speaks in a high raspy voice.
  • Bang, a green nerdluck who wears an orange bowtie. He speaks in a high timid voice.
  • Nawt, a red nerdluck who wears an orange yellow spotted bowtie. He speaks in a high squeaky voice.
  • Bupkus, a purple nerdluck who wears a yellow bowtie. He speaks in a high cheerful voice.
  • Blanko, a blue nerdluck who wears a pink bowtie. He speaks in a thick californian accent.