The Big Bad Wolf is the tertiary antagonist in the 2014 film Into the Woods. He is based on the main antagonist of "The Little Red Riding Hood". He is portrayed by Johnny Depp.

The Wolf
The Wolf
Background information
Feature films Into the Woods
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Johnny Depp
Performance model
Inspiration The Wolf from the "Little Riding Hood" and its common interpretation as a lover
Character information
Other names Mr. Wolf, The Big Bad Wolf
Occupation Wolf
Goal To eat Little Red Riding Hood
Home The Woods
Enemies Little Red Riding Hood
Likes Meat
Powers and abilities Eating
Weapons Teeth
Fate Gets cut open by the Baker and is skinned by Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother
Typical Saying

Role in the film Edit

He first appears when Little Red Riding Hood was going to her grandmother's. The Wolf then starts singing Hello, Little Girl while trying to get her basket (but is unable to do so). The Wolf later appears in granny's cottage in disguise as Red Riding Hood's granny, after she gets eaten the Baker came by who used a knife to kill the wolf to save Red Riding Hood and her granny and then skinned the Wolf. After giving the Baker her red coat, she then used the Wolf's skin as a new coat.

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