Background information
Feature films A Bug's Life
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Frank Welker
David Lander
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Violent, psychotic, demented, vicious, feral, sadistic
Appearance Light green grasshopper, thin, sharp teeth
Occupation Hopper's pet
Affiliations Bad
Goal Keep the ants under Hopper's control
Home Hopper's Hideout
Friends Hopper, Molt, Axel and Loco, the grasshoppers
Enemies Dot, Flik, Atta, the colony
Likes Bullying the ants, food
Dislikes Opposition from the ants
Powers and abilities Flight
Fate Flies off with the other grasshoppers after being scared by Dim
Typical Saying

Thumper is the secondary antagonist of A Bug's Life. He is a grasshopper that serves as Hopper's main enforcer. His vocal noises are voiced by Frank Welker, though in the outtakes he is voiced by David Lander.

Role in the filmEdit

Thumper first appears when the grasshoppers confront the ant colony in the anthill after the food offering goes missing. Hopper, in an attempt to intimidate the ants, calls for Thumper, who is on a leash. Hopper takes Dot hostage and takes her to Thumper, who attempts to attack her. However, an inventor ant, Flik, stands up for Dot, which turns Thumper and Hopper's attention towards him. After Hopper doubles the original order of food, he and the other grasshoppers leave, along with Thumper.

Thumper is later with the other grasshoppers at Hopper's Hideout in Mexico. Along with the other grasshoppers, Thumper laughs when Hopper and Axel and Loco joke about how inferior the ants are. However, Thumper is caught off guard when Hopper unexpectedly kills Axel and Loco. After Hopper's speech about how numerous the ants are, Thumper heads off towards Ant Island with the other grasshoppers.

When the grasshoppers arrive to find the ants have failed to collect enough food, Thumper is the first to confront the colony, angrily screeching at them. While the grasshoppers routed the ants, Thumper went off into the grass, where he came across Dot and tried to capture her. A chase ensued, which culminated in Dot being knocked off a rock and into the mists below. Thumper, believing Dot to have died, flied off, unaware that Dot had actually survived.

Thumper later joined the other grasshoppers in devouring the winter storage of food, and was then entertained by the circus troupe. When Flik attempted to scare off the grasshoppers using a fake bird, the bird was exposed as a fake after P.T. Flea set it aflame. Hopper, upon finding out the culprit was Flik, ordered Thumper to viciously attack Flik and beat him nearly to unconsciousness. However, Flik got up and continued his standoff against Hopper, inspiring the rest of the colony to overthrow the grasshoppers.

When the ants charged at the grasshoppers, Thumper initially didn't flee and instead confronted Dot once more. However, Dot instead smacked him across the face and demanded that he leave. Thumper, confused, roared at Dot once more, but Dim arrived and roared even louder than Thumper. Terrified of the large beetle, Thumper flew off with the other grasshoppers, yelping like a dog.