Tom Gangberry
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Five Nights at Freddy's: The Shop of Souls
Video games
Park attractions
Performance model
Character information
Other names Tom
Personality Pretentious, calculating, rude, greedy, vain, lazy, clever, ambitious
Occupation CEO of Horse-Power
Affiliations Bad/Neutral
Goal To gain money and take over the pizzeria's ownership
Home San Fransisco
Friends Johhny Fazbear (formerly)
Enemies Johnny Fazbear, Nick Flempty, Tyrone Samsong
Minions His mercenaries
Likes money, being popular, inspecting crimes
Dislikes Interference, loosing money
Powers and abilities
Fate Gets killed by Tyrone
Typical Saying

Tom Gangberry is a supporting antagonist of the 2016 electronic novel, Five Nights at Freddy's: The Shop of Souls. He is the CEO of Horse-Power, a private security division, and the former owner of the pizzeria.

History Edit

He is the CEO of Horse-Power, and he was called by Nick Flempty and Johnny Fazbear to help identify the criminal.

However, Tom agrees in the condition of being Johnny's partner in the pizzeria. Johhny agrees, and he helps to identify the criminal.

He took a picture of Springtrap, but he blamed Johhny for being the murderer.

As Johnny was arrested, Tom became the new owner of the pizzeria. He decided to open the place even at night, regardless of the dangers. He was then seen by Nick's security cameras to steal money from the pizzeria's safe, and run away. However, before he could exit the place from the backdoor, he was killed by Tyrone.

Personality Edit

He is pretentious, greedy, vain and corrupt. All he seems to care about is money, and he will do so in many ruthless ways.

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