A. Trumper
Background information
Feature films Shaun the Sheep Movie
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Animators Will Becher
Voice Omid Djailli
Performance model Ellie Weston, Kate Anderson
Designer Kate Anderson, Paul Bolger
Inspiration Paul Blart for Paul Blart: Mall Cop
Awards None
Character information
Other names Trumper, Animal Containment Officer, A. Trumper
Personality Egocentric, Jealous, Evil, Jerk, Coward.
Appearance Male with black hair, Goatee, Wearing a jacket with a brown tie and brown eyes.
Occupation Animal Containment Officer (formerly), Advertisement for Nuggets
Goal To contain any animal on his site.
Home Big City
Friends None
Enemies Shaun, Bitzer, The Flock, Slip, Every animal
Minions None
Likes Containing Animals, Dating ladies (presumbly)
Dislikes Animals, Manure, Day of Adopt an Animal
Powers and abilities Use a Grabber
Weapons Iron Grip, Grabber
Fate Once he tries to reason to the Farmer, he gets hit by the bull and flies into a pile of manure (Horse and Cow poop), (In the credits) Gets fired from his job and becomes a advertisement for Nuggets
Typical Saying Ja!

A. Trumper is the main antagonist of the 2015 stop motion film Shaun the Sheep The Movie.

Information Edit

Trumper is an egomaniac and animal warden with a hatred for all animals, Trumper is the Flock’s nemesis as they make their way through the Big City. With a passion for capturing stray animals for the city’s animal shelter, Trumper has all the latest gadgets and gizmos to be the all-seeing eye in the city.

He runs the animal shelter with an iron fist, Trumper’s zeal and arrogance puts him in hot pursuit of the Mossy Bottom animals.

Shaun the Sheep MovieEdit

The Big CityEdit

In the Big City, he is the Animal Containment Officer who hates animals. Shaun finds out if Trumper sees him, will be capture. So Shaun and the Flock go to a clothe shop and they go to a clothing store and they dress like humans. Trumper doesn't recognize them and let them go while he go checked the area. Later, he is called by a man of a restaurant to warn that there is a sheep in the restaurant (which is Shaun). Trumper goes quickly and captures Shaun and he takes him away. Before he do that, he gives his card to a woman (who which are two sheeps dress) and invited to go to the Animal Containment whenever she want (Since he has a crush on her).

The Animal ContanimentEdit

He takes Shaun to the Animal Containment and closes him in his cell. Meanwhile, he see that two animal containment visitors takes a lizard and even if he disagree with them they take the passes and makes a sign that the lizard is watching him. Some hours later, Trumper receives the visit by the women (the two sheeps costumed) of the restaurant. In his office, he see the flock screaming in the Animal Containment's cameras. Trumper quickly grabs he garber but the sheeps woman throw him and both escape. Trumper runs to the exit, but a doggy wolf name Slip put him down. He sees that Shaun escapes make a hole In the wall and he open the cell, but he discovers that was a drawing of a hole made in chalk. Shaun close him and escapes with his dog best friend name Bitzer and Slip.


Few hours later, Trumper is free by two Animal Containment Workers. He goes to his office and he prepares his equipment including a Electric Grabber. He follows the wool of the Flock and go to find them. He finds out a strange horse, and he ask the person (Beaning the Farmer sleeping) and he ask where can find the sheeps and the dogs. The Farmer he notes that were left and says goodbye. But Trumper horse looks out wool and suspicion. Trumper stumbles and enters behind of the horse and find Shaun and the other being the leading horse. Timmy (A lamb of the Flock) takes him with her teddy bear. Seeing that escape, Trumper uses its hook and is held as the horse continues to escape. Shaun and the others arrive at the caravan, but Trumper chases and held in the caravan but then disappears.

Fear in the Mossy Bottom FarmEdit

The group reached the Mossy Bottom Farm and go to the Farmer's house. It turns out that Trumper was down the caravan and chases them for revenge. Shaun, Bitzer, the Flock and Slip they hide in a shed with the Farmer still asleep. Shortly thereafter, Trumper finds them. Encloses with his tape of containing animals, use a tractor as a new grabber to grab the shed and takes them to a nearby quarry. He arrives at the quarry but fails to throw for wired networks that prevent it from falling. Then, she manages to grab the quarry and prepares to throw, but the tractor does not work well and prevents it from falling. Shaun escapes for the shed through a window and fights to Trumper. Trumper grabs Shaun but Shaun touch a lever making the tractor go back and Trumper fall In the tractor. Shaun manages to save everyone from falling into a quarry being a hero. At the last moment, Trumper grabs him and obsessed with killing, throws him to the quarry with intent to kill. Believing that his goal will be finalized, Shaun is saved by the Farmer awake and with his memory back.

Trumper's Misunderstanding and DefeatEdit

Trumper realize that the animals that he has been trying to capture all day are the animals of the Farmer. Immediately he escapes slowly to prevent the Farmer to see him and forget his plan to annihilate the animals of the farm, but Slip prevents his escape biting his foot. The furious Farmer sees Trumper and for his actions, he forces him to confront. Trumper fearful and nervours, tries to reason with the Farmer for his misunderstanding, but the Farmer still it strives to force him for almost kill him and his animals. Behind, unexpectedly a Bull of the farm pushes Trumper in his torn pants showing off his red panties interrupting his confrontation with the Farmer. Trumper flies to pass the quarry and have achieved certain death, but unexpectedly falls into a pile of manure where the Farmer and his animals see it and laugh about it.


During the credits, there's a picture of Trumper dress as the mascot of a Nuggets Restaurant. It turns out that he was fired because almost manages to kill 8 sheep, 2 dogs and a human using a tractor without permission in an unknown farm, and also that the Animal Containment is changed to Animal Protection. Despite that he got that job at the Nuggets Restaurant.


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