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The Vampiricorn
Background information
Feature films
Television programs
Video games Naughty Bear
Park attractions
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Vicious, fluff-thirsty, swift, fast, quick, monstrous
Appearance Pale teddy bear with Dracula-shaped hair and a necklace
Occupation Leader of the Vampire bears
Goal To suck Naughty Bear's fluff
Friends Stardust
Enemies Naughty Bear
Minions Vampire Bears, Zombears
Likes Sucking fluff
Dislikes His prey escaping
Powers and abilities Speed, nearly all-powerful
Weapons Vicious Vampire Claws
Fate Gets killed by Naughty Bear
Typical Saying

The Vampiricorn is the antagonist of the famous Episode 10 of the game Naughty Bear, being supremely darker than the other episodes. He is the leader of the Vampire Bears, and they were summoned by Stardust to kill Naughty Bear.


The Vampiricorn was summoned by Stardust during what appeared to be Halloween. The beast and his horde of Vampire Bears wondered across the island searching for prey, and he soon came across a helpless Unibear. As Naughty Bear watched, the Vampiricorn attacked, grabbing the Unibear by the neck and draining his power and throwing the dead animal to the ground while the other Vampires fed on the Unibear, becoming more powerful. Stardust and Cozy then came out of hiding and they were approached by the Vampiricorn. As Naughty Bear was about to rescue them, he saw Stardust show the Vampiricorn a photo of Naughty Bear and asked the vampire to kill Naughty. The Vampiricorn agreed and released bats across the island to kill him. Naughty Bear, furious at what he had just seen, decided to take revenge on his enemies.

He stalked the Vampiricorn, who had an army of vampires on his side that protected him. The Vampiricorn was located at the Disco, so naughty bear chased after him and was able to kill him. Unfortunately, the Vampiricorn was resurrected and unleashed an army of Ghouls. now with an army of both vampires and ghouls, the Vampiricorn arrived at the Cabin, where Naughty Bear also went to. Naughty bear fought against the undead and killed the Vampiricorn again. And once again, the Vampiricorn was resurrected. The Vampiricorn leader moved over to the Factory, which Stardust resided in. Alerted to Naughty Bear's presence, Stardust armed himself with an oozy. Naughty Bear came out of hiding and battled thw army of vampires and zombies. The Vampiricorn and Stardust joined the fight, but they were killed. As Naughty Bear returned to the Disco, he found that the Vampiricorn had been revived again, and Stardust was wandering around, having been transformed into a Ghoul. A heated battle ensued, in which Naughty Bear killed his enemies once and for all.