V. rex
Vastatosaurus rex
Background information
Feature films King Kong (2005)
Television programs
Video games Peter Jackson's King Kong
Park attractions King Kong: 360 3-D
Skull Island: The Reign of Kong
Performance model
Designer Greg Broadmore
Christian Pearce
Character information
Other names V. rex, Ravager Lizard King
Personality Hungry, ferocious, thirsty
Appearance Giant Dinosaurs with sharp teeth, small arms with three fingers, and yellow eyes.
Occupation Hunters
Affiliations Neutral/Bad
Goal To Kill Kong and eat Ann Darrow (both failed)
Home Skull Island
Friends Other V. rexes
Enemies King Kong, Venatosaurus, Ann Darrow, Foetodon
Likes Eating, drinking
Dislikes Missing its prey, starvation
Powers and abilities Roaring, strength, speed
Weapons Teeth, tail
Fate Juvenile:Head crushed with a boulder by Kong.
Matriarch:Head beaten against the canyon wall by Kong.
Bull:Jaw snapped by Kong.
Typical Saying

Vastatosaurus rex (meaning "Ravager Lizard King) is the largest predator on Skull Island. Three of them appear as antagonists in the 2005 remake of the 1933 classic monster film, King Kong, and they appear as the main antagonists of the 2010 ride, King Kong: 360 3-D and the 2016 ride, Skull Island: The Reign of Kong. According to Peter Jackson, the Vastatosaurus rex is an evolved descendant of the Tyrannosaurus rex.


King KongEdit

While Ann Darrow was being chased by a Foetodon, a sub-adult Vastatosaurus rex appears and kills the Foetodon by crushing it wih its jaw while another Foetodon backs down. Upon seeing Ann, the sub-adult V. rex chased after her. Ann managed to hide on a Fallen tree, but a bull V. rex appeared and attacked her. Thankfully, King Kong arrived and fought the V. rex. The V. rex attacked Kong, and is soon joined by the sub-adult that finished eating the Foetodon.

Kong takes on both V. rexes, only to find himself attacked by a full grown matriarch V. rex. Kong quickly kills the sub-adult V. rex by smashing its head with a boulder. The other two V. rexes then tackle Kong off a cliff, causing them to become tangled in vines. Kong battles the matriarch V. rex through the mess of vines and tries to reach Ann. However, as more vines snapped, Ann fell into the jaw of the V. rex, to which Kong held it open with a large amount of vines. Vines began to give away, making the dinosaur slowly drop towards another, who had its own mouth open awaiting the small item's descent. However, as Kong leaps down to kick its mouth shut, the former mouth was able to close, and Ann was sent falling from the battle, leading to her land on the snout of the bull V. rex.

The resulting squirming of the bull V. rex resulted in the vines breaking entirely, seding both Ann and the V. rex to the forest floor. The V. rex tries to attack Ann, but Kong arrives to save her. Kong rips the dinosaur's tongue with his teeth, its jaw, and moves his jaws to make sure it's broken. He then roars with victory. After Kong left the island the V. rexes became top predator of skull island.

King Kong: 360 3-DEdit

The guests scatter when three Vastatosaurus rex turn up, and some of the pack of Venatosaurus get eaten.

Skull Island: The Reign of KongEdit