Violet the Bee (Maya the Bee - The Honey Games)
Violet the Bee
Background information
Feature films Maya the Bee: The Honey Games
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Linda Ngo
Performance model
Character information
Other names Little Honey-Puff (by her father Beegood)
Personality Formerly: Mean, selfish, competitive, rude, short-tempered, nasty, spoiled, stubborn, sneaky, funny, jealous, serious, argumentative
Later (after she being saved by Team Poppy from Thekla): Kind, happy, friendly, helpful, cheerful, caring, joyful, cute, tomboyish, playful, loving, cool, daring, brave, good-hearted
Occupation Leader of Team Tropolis
Bully (formerly)
Rivalry (formerly)
Willy's best friend and love interest
Maya's arch-rival (formerly)
Maya's best friend
Affiliations Bad, later Good
Goal Be with her beloved Willy (succeeded).
Bully Maya and beat Team Poppy in the challenge of Honey Games by her cheating (formerly).
Befriends Maya and help Team Poppy win the grand final challenge of the game by saving her honey from the Empress (succeeded, but winning without the ruby pollen).
Home Buzztropolis
Friends Maya, Willy, Flip, The Queen, Crawley, Bedford, Craig, Spinder, Arnie and Barney, The Empress, Beegood (formerly), Chelsea and Sandra, Spotty, Dotty, and Lotty, Brian
Enemies Maya (formerly), Bedford (formerly), Craig (formerly), Spinder (formerly), Arnie and Barney (formerly), Beegood, Thekla, Megabeast
Minions Chelsea and Sandra, Spotty, Dotty, and Lotty, Brian
Likes Willy, pollens, flying, being with Willy, bullying Maya (formerly), cheating (formerly), rivalry (formerly), Team Poppy (currently), Maya, winning, honey games, her father Beegood, racing, rules (currently), dancing, hanging out with Maya and Willy
Dislikes Maya (formerly), Team Poppy (formerly), losing (formerly), not winning (formerly), rules (formerly), making her friends mad, predators, her father refusing about Maya and her Team Poppy winning, Thekla, bullying Maya (currently), cheating (currently), rivalry (currently)
Powers and abilities Flight, Speed
Fate Reforms become Maya's best friend along with Willy and dance together happily.
Typical Saying

Violet the Bee was the two tertiary antagonists-turned-deuteragonist of 2018 3D-Animation film, Maya the Bee: The Honey Games. She is Maya's best friend and former arch-rival, Willy's girlfriend and best friend, and also Beegood's father.

In the MovieEdit

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  • She is later joins with Maya and Willy as best friends after she was being saved from Thekla.
  • She is Willy's girlfriend.

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