Probably the oldest of the Old School Mofos, the Wicked Witch of the West ranks up there as one of the baddest villains in movie history even today. Some things never change for an effective bad guy (or gal): you gotta be mean, nasty, and look the part. You also gotta have minions; what better helpers than big ugly monkeys! *yikes*

The Witch was certainly a big thorn in the side of Dorothy and the gang in their quest for self-discovery and Kansas. Next time, she's just have to remember to wear a raincoat rather than the usual witch garb. And watch out for falling houses.

INTELLIGENCE - 5: Doesn't seem terribly bright, but not an idiot. She's just a bit too focused on evil.

POWER - 5: Beyond her magical powers, she's not much a force, counting on her minions to do a lot of the dirty work. Plus, she got beat by a bucket of water. Ugh.

VILENESS - 8: Willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants, including terrorizing friendly animals and little lost girls.

SWAY - 9: One of the last people you ever want to be stuck in a dark alley with. Fiercely intimidating.

PURITY - 9: Full of jealousy and hatefulness, this woman is bent on causing chaos wherever she can.

PHYSICAL - 10: She's ugly as sin with a matching black heart. Even has the warts and hat to complete the wardrobe.