Xiao Fung the Wind Demon
Xiao Fung
Background information
Feature films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Glenn Shadix
Performance model
Character information
Other names The Wind Demon
Personality arrogant, civil
Appearance Large black bear with one red eye and another dead eye with scars across his body and swords and spears sticking out of his back
Occupation Demon Sorcerer of Wind
Affiliations Bad
Goal To die and finally be at peace
Home The Ancient Kingdom
Enemies Jackie Chan, Zhongli Quan
Likes power, control, domination
Dislikes Being imprisoned
Powers and abilities Size and strength
Fate Gets Banished with a fan
Typical Saying

Xiao Fung, also known as the Demon of Wind is a minor villain in the TV Series; Jackie Chan's Adventures. He's one of the Demon Sorcerers.


Xiao Fung resembles a large, gray-skinned frog with a permanently puffed-up neck. He wears several pieces of dark blue clothing and has golden bony armor covering his back and head.


The Demon Sorcerer of Wind, He was banished by the Immortal Zhongli Quan. He is the second smallest demon in the family with the smallest being Hsi Wu. He is one of the demons that prefers to handle situations in a more civil manner if possible and seems the more reasonable one among the demon family.

When Shendu's spirit ended up in the Demon Netherworld, Xiao Fung alongside his siblings scolded Shendu for not freeing him while he was still free. Xiao Fung's Demon portal was located inside a washing machine at a prison in the Black Forest. The Dark Hand deliberately let themselves get caught by the authorities, and sought out the door. Jackie infiltrated the prison, and accidentally released the Demon. Xiao Fung disguised himself, and escaped into the tunnels beneath the prison. After a pitched battle, he was banished again. He appeared in the Demon World episodes, and forced El Toro Fuerte and another wrestler to battle gladiatorially. He was banished by, ironically, the fan his servant Paco was using to fan him.

Season 5Edit

His Chi was found at a local car wash and was accidentally absorbed by Jade, turning her bad burping habits into major windstorms. Drago managed to temporarily absorb the Chi, but it was drained before he could use his powers.

Drago was later able to absorb it with the rest of the Demon Chi in the final battle. Traces of it were infused within MC Cobra when he sent his minions to destroy Section 13.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Being the Wind Demon, Xiao Fung can control the wind. He can blow strong winds out of his mouth that can repel or attract numerous foes and objects at wild speeds. He does this by sucking the air into his mouth and releasing it as wind. His winds are so strong that even using the Rabbit Talisman isn't sufficient enough to gain control while caught in his wind blasts. He can do this for long periods without falling short of breath. He can also use his wind breath to propel himself through the air.

Like Hsi Wu, Xiao Fung can assume human form and retain his abilities during that time.

Xiao Fung can also leap like a real frog.

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